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SEO: How to be found!

One of the most underrated online marketing efforts today is quickly gaining credibility among America’s premiere companies as a vital component for brand awareness, traffic building and increased revenues. Search engine optimization (SEO) is the hottest buzz phrase since CRM and is yielding serious results among major online players. Also known as search engine positioning among other names, SEO is a service that “optimizes” your website in order for it to be indexed and favorably ranked by the major search engines on the Internet. With nearly 90% of all Internet users accessing a search engine during any given online session, big businesses are realizing that if they are not ranked well within the engines, they may never be found.

Companies must deal with the reality that they are losing customers to their competitors whether they are a business to business or business to consumer site. As the Internet grew after the creation of its first search directory Yahoo, thousands of similar services developed allowing users to “search” the Internet on any imaginable topic. As key terms are entered and the results returned, a certain science determines just how the results are presented. Obviously, the closer your site was to the top of the rankings, the more likely you were to receive a new visitor. This science or search algorithms as they are called are what SEO companies constantly try to predict, outsmart, and reverse engineer. With thousands of search engines currently online, there are more than twice as many SEO providers all claiming they know how to get the best results for your company. So what do you believe? Who really does have the best services for your company?

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How to be found!

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