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Focused on Marketing

At Wandara we pride ourselves at being a full service Marketing firm. Along with the comprehensive consulting services we offer, we have a complete suite of marketing services available to the growing enterprise in need of both strategic and tactical plans and deliverables.

Web Design and eBusiness
Creative Services
Collateral Development
Advertising Management
Advertising Effectiveness
Media Scheduling
Market Research and Analysis

Web design and development back to top

Wandara offers a complete suite of web design services to help you enhance your eCommerce initiatives. From simple form updates and flash banners to a complete web redesign using the latest technologies, Wandara can offer you complete web service management.

Some of the specific items included in this service:

  • Web Analysis
  • Online Form Design
  • Multi Media Development
  • Content Development
  • Banner Ad Creation
  • Search Engine Placements
  • Lead Capture

Creative Design back to top

From logo designs, Flash movies and animated files of all formats, Wandara brings extensive experience and creativy to all of your design requirements. By better understanding your corporate goals we can create a complete branding strategy or simply enhance existing brands with new media.

Collateral Development back to top

With more than 20 years of experience in communications and creative marketing, Wandara can assist you with the development of a portfolio of customized collateral. We offer the development of product brochures, corporate folders, pricing and sales tools, manuals, newsletters, email templates, direct mail pieces, etc. Pricing is based on the deliverable, and quotes are available upon request.

Advertising Management back to top

Wandara is a seasoned advertising agency, as well as a marketing firm. This experise allows Wandara to act on your behalf in the negotiation and development of complete advertising campaigns. Inclusive of strategic advertising reviews, media buys, value added service programs, for both online and print, Wandara can act as your full service advertising agency.

Advertising Effectiveness back to top

Advertising Effectiveness is the bottom-line measure of the brand's success. It is the operating principle that supports Return on Advertising Investment, and determines the value of a brand's advertising efforts on some metric of brand performance such as unit sales, dollar revenues, or profit.

Wandara’s measure of advertising effectiveness is derived from a quantitative evaluation of the brand's actual executed media support and the short-term volume generated by that support. Our criterion is actual consumer behavior and financial performance - not simply creative appeal or "awareness" - because without a tangible short-term effect there is little likelihood of a long-term ROI. Consumers must respond by purchasing more of a product than they would have had there been no advertising.

Virtually any advertising presence keeps a product relevant to some degree to potential consumers. However, communications can have varying degrees of impact on buying behavior, based on factors such as:

  • How quickly do diminishing returns start leveling off the rate of response?
  • How long does advertising continue to effect short-term sales after audience exposure?
  • How well is the advertising timed to capture seasonal opportunity?
  • How much opportunity is there for incremental purchases? (Will buyers wash more windows or increase serving size to maintain the purchase cycle?)
  • How well priced is the product to other category offerings?

When advertising effectiveness is high, the brand can expand. When it is low, valuable opportunities are lost; the brand becomes more sensitive to price changes, and more vulnerable to competitors.

  • Given my latest marketing plans, category trends and competitive assumptions, what sales should we expect next year?
  • Is our current marketing plan capable of delivering our business growth goal of 5%? If not, what changes can we make to get there?
  • We're running 5% behind forecast. What will our sales need to be in each of the remaining months to achieve our original targets?
  • What sales impact should we expect if we increase or reduce prices? ...if we increase advertising? ..if we drop more consumer events?
  • What impact will the economic downturn have in each of our target markets?

Media Scheduling back to top

How do you develop media schedules that maximize a brand's sales and profits? Over the years, the challenge hasn't changed. The complexity of the task, however, has grown significantly. The Internet, alternative media, new channels and titles, ultra-fragmented audiences - they all complicate the decision making process.

Wandara helps you evaluate alternative schedules and determine how various plans will impact sales and profitability for an individual product or portfolio of products.

Wandara leverages their vast experience to determine a unique Marketing Mix model to generate optimized media schedules.

Wandara will help you determine reliable, data-driven answers to important questions:

  • How should I spend my budget across the year to maximize sales?
  • I've been reading a lot lately about the recency theory. Is this appropriate for my brand? If not, what flighting pattern should we use?
  • How should we allocate our advertising budget across different products in our portfolio?
  • Should we be allocating our budget locally? If so, what percentage?
  • What are our priority markets?

Market Research and Analysis back to top

Our mission is to help our clients improve marketing effectiveness through superior analysis. It's more than just "research." We provide fact-driven insights and recommendations that lead to smart strategies, powerful, efficient plans and measurable sales and ROI.

We approach each client assignment with a fresh perspective, drawing on a broad selection of sales and marketing planning tools and services. We manage the process every step of the way with the goal of creating unprecedented client satisfaction and confidence.


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