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Focused on Demand

Having your pipeline filled to 3 or 4 times the number of total sales needed to make revenue plan should be a low end goal for all businesses trying to expand their revenues. For filling the pipeline, Wandara will provide consulting and management of various demand generation activities.

List Purchases
Collateral Development
Strategic Event Evaluation and Trade Event Planning

List Purchases back to top

Wandara can broker, on your behalf, discounted list purchases to your demographic specifications. These lists, in either email or postal format, are tailored to your industry needs and delivered to the mail house of your choosing. Some of the items available include:

  • List Broker Analysis
  • SIC Code and List Demographic Analysis
  • Email and Direct Mail Comparisons
  • Contract Negotiations

Collateral Development back to top

With more than 20 years of experience in communications and creative marketing, Wandara can assist you with the development of a portfolio of customized collateral. We offer the development of product brochures, corporate folders, pricing and sales tools, manuals, newsletters, email templates, direct mail pieces, etc. Pricing is based on the deliverable, and quotes are available upon request.

Strategic Event Evaluation and Trade Event Planning back to top

Wandara provides you with the ability to efficiently develop customer-focused, sales driven event opportunities and trade show plans that maximize sales volume within available budgets. Once the plan is in place, volume and dollar spends can be tracked by event to insure the ROI is meeting the predetermined levels.

Event Evaluation is something that is typically ignored or only examined for a few customers, as it tends to be a very time - and labor - intensive exercise. Wandara has automated this process yielding the results in a flexible tabular format. This process uses a series of decision rules as well as client specific calculations for viewing results. These historical event data provide a solid foundation for deciding which deals delivered more efficient and effective outcomes for both the manufacturer and the retail customer.

Event Evaluation can help you answer highly specific questions with confidence. For example:

  • Which historical deals yielded the most profit (or, in many cases, the smallest loss)?
  • Did event results vary across larger time periods (e.g., year)? In other words did the events we ran two years ago generate less profit than those we ran last year - when we introduced our new trade strategy?
  • Did various merchandising tactics impact these results in a consistent way (e.g., did the "best" events always have displays?)
  • Which retailers performed the best for a specific historical trade event? Is there a pattern here (does this Retailer always do well)?
  • Can I change the payment structure such that I make more (or lose less) money, while still yielding a profit for the Retailer?

Trade Event Planning provides viable answers to questions such as:

  • How can we help the sales force plan more profitable events?
  • How can our events help the sales force sell more products?
  • How does the sales force communicate their plan or new sales ideas to management?
  • Can management evaluate the plan for budget and profitability for all geographic levels of the sales hierarchy?


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