Focused on Marketing


We invite you to review our offers and services, and to submit a Marketing Questionnaire for further analysis and review of your current marketing plans. We're confident the services we offer will assist you in exceeding your revenue goals.




Focused on Marketing

As a company, Wandara Consulting is focused on what we do best - Marketing. We provide you with the expertise needed to succeed in this ever changing economy, ensuring that you are fully equipped with the tools necessary to consistently exceed your sales goals.

Wandara offers strategic Marketing services needed by corporations to meet revenue goals. Our view on the subject includes everything from research, analysis, planning, and development of complete one year and two year marketing plans.

With the growth of B2B, B2C and eCommerce the past 8 years, Wandara Consulting has expanded into these areas and brought significant profitability to their clients. Development of online programs, electronic storefronts, and marketing campaigns focused in this space is an option you get with Wandara Consulting

A Strong Corporate Message

Development of a strong corporate message or responding quickly to a market event can mean the difference between reaching your revenue goals or missing them. Wandara Consulting has public relations experience from ongoing messaging to crisis management and executive briefings and extensive vertical marketing experience supporting government, healthcare, education, manufacturing, and other industries; building campaigns, developing vertical marketing tools, and identifying industry specific activities needed for success.

With Return on Investment being the key measuring stick for success, Wandara Consulting offers strategic analysis of your sales goals and the delivery of a results oriented marketing plan with an eye towards tactical implementation and market specific initiatives.


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